Legal Help for Victims of Crime in Alberta

Did you know that people who have been a victim of a crime in Alberta can receive compensation for their injuries?

The province has made funding available for victims of crime through its Financial Benefits for Victims of Violent Crime Program. Additional programs are available that crime victims in financial need can access.

The trouble is, many of the victims who have suffered the most have trouble with the application processes—or have no idea where to start. The process can be confusing, and is not without bureaucratic obstacles.

That’s where McGuiness Law can help. We do all the research and paperwork, process the application and answer your questions. We are female lawyers who deeply understand the far-reaching impact of trauma resulting from crime, and won’t judge you.

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Talk to us, and you will know your case is in good, caring hands. It is important you are aware:

  • You do NOT have to go to court.
  • You will NOT have to face someone who has harmed you.
  • You will NOT have to speak for yourself. We do that for you.

In order to qualify for Alberta’s Financial Benefits for Victims of Violent Crime Program:

  • If you were under 18 when the incident occurred, you have until you are 28 to apply.
  • If you were over 18 when the crime occurred, our application must be submitted within two years of the date it happened.
  • The crime needs to have happened in Alberta, but it doesn’t matter where you live now.
  • It is required that the crime was reported to police and you co-operated with the investigation.
  • Many violent and non-violent offences are covered. Vehicle accidents are not.

We cover all the costs, and you will not have to pay for our services. Our compensation (deducted from your settlement) is typically less than industry standard rates.

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