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If your life has been impacted by a motor vehicle accident or a serious non-vehicular injury, contact us.
Because you deserve to be fully compensated.

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Alberta Motor Vehicle Accident and personal injury lawyer Michelle McGuiness helps clients in restoring their lives to pre-accident condition.

As a highly experienced, knowledgable and respected personal injury lawyer, Michelle puts her expertise to work in navigating the complicated claim process and seeking the full and proper compensation you deserve, so you can focus on getting back to the life you once enjoyed. McGuiness Law provides you with fiercely compassionate representation in Edmonton, Calgary and throughout Alberta, and ensure you have the legal advice you need, along with the financial compensation you deserve.

We Care About People

The big personal injury firms can often be focused on turning over a high volume of files quickly and seeking out the most catastrophic injuries. At McGuiness Law, our motivation is helping you. What may seem a more minor injury can wreak havoc on your professional life, leisure activities and relationships. Don’t be seduced by claims of “largest” settlements. As accident and personal injury lawyers we leverage our knowledge and experience to achieve maximum compensation for you—never compromising our core values of compassion and service.

Talk to us. Get the facts. Then decide who you want on your side.
Let’s work on
making you better.
Michelle McGuiness
Lawyer, Barrister & Solicitor
Michelle has combined experience in personal injury litigation and in representing victims of crime. She works tirelessly with clients, espousing a philosophy that values quality over volume so your needs are at the forefront.

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