What To Do After A Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?

With over 3.6 million vehicles registered in Alberta, the risk of a motor vehicle accident is possible. Varying factors, including road conditions, vehicle maintenance, and busy highways, make driving one of the most dangerous activities that millions of people partake in every day.

Car accidents can be a traumatic experience for many people. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may feel scared, shocked, or in pain. It’s important to know what next steps to take, especially when the accident was not your fault, to protect yourself and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve!

1. Call the Police


If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision in Alberta, you should call the police if:

  • Someone is injured.
  • Suspect the driver of the other vehicle is impaired.
  • If one or more vehicles are NOT drivable.
  • One driver does not have proper documentation (license, registration, etc.)
  • Damage to vehicles is $2,000 combined.

Having an official police report can help you hold the other driver accountable for damages and repair costs. It can also help to speed up the claim process with your insurer.

2. Collect Information

Before you leave the accident scene, you will want to collect several pieces of information. In doing so, avoid discussing the accident or who is at fault. Instead, focus on collecting:

  • Driver’s name and contact information
  • Other driver’s car insurance company and policy information
  • Contact details of witnesses.
  • Make, model, and color of the other driver’s car.
  • Responding police officer’s name, contact details, and badge number.

Bonus Tip: At McGuiness Law, we have created an Automobile Accident Checklist, so you know what to do immediately after a motor vehicle accident. All while ensuring you have the proper evidence to support your claim.


3. Call Your Insurance Company

When involved in an accident that was not your fault, you might not know who’s insurance company to call.

It is always best to call your own insurance company after an accident as they can inform you what kind of coverage you have for personal injuries, collisions, damage, and medical expenses. Calling your insurance company can speed up the claim process significantly.

When should you call a personal injury lawyer?


We always recommend that you reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Alberta that is willing to provide a free consultation, like our team at McGuiness Law, to ensure that you are being compensated fairly by the insurance company.

Our team is highly experienced in motor vehicle collisions and can advise if the offer from the insurance company is fair or if working with a lawyer to maximize your compensation is a good idea.

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