Top 5 Alberta Summer Safety Road Trip Tips

School is out, and summer holidays are about to kick off here in Alberta. With many travel restrictions still in place, you can bet that Albertans will spend time exploring our beautiful province. Soon, families will be loading up their cars and heading off onto the highway to go camping, on road trips, or visit relatives in different cities.


Fact: Summer is Alberta’s most dangerous driving season.

According to Alberta’s Motor Association (AMA), 70.8% of fatal driving accidents occur on dry roads, with the most motor vehicle accidents occurring between June and September.

To help you enjoy Alberta’s highways all summer long, our team is sharing the top 5 road safety summer tips.

Tip 1: Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Car

Emergency Car Kits aren’t just for the cold winter months. Regardless of where you are heading, Cooperators Canada suggests that you have the following items are in your vehicle:

  • Cellphone and car charger
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Cones
  • Jumper cables
  • Candles and matches
  • Non-perishable food items (granola bars)
  • Water
  • Blankets

Here’s a great DIY Emergency Car Kit from the Canadian Red Cross.


Tip 2: Beware of Sun Glare

Depending on the time of day and direction you are driving, the sun can cause problems for drivers. Here are a few ways you can safely manage sun glare as suggested by AMA:

  • Keep your distance from other vehicles (4 – 5 seconds is recommended).
  • Keep your windshield in good condition. Rock chips and dents can make it even harder to see through the glass.
  • Use sunglasses. You can also use your vehicle’s sun visor to help.
  • Pull over. Protect your eyes and your family by pulling over if the sun is in your eyes while driving.

Tip 3: Highways and Big Trucks

Large commercial vehicles and semis will also be on the roads, transporting goods across the country. Be mindful of these large vehicles and stay far enough behind big trucks.

To know if you are far enough back, Alberta RCMP suggests keeping a distance behind so that you can see both side mirrors on the truck. Remember, if you can’t see the truck driver, they can’t see you!

Tip 4: Don’t Drive Impaired

Although this may seem obvious, unfortunately, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is still a problem in our province. In 2020, the Alberta RCMP reported approximately 20% of all fatal motor vehicle collisions in Alberta involved impaired driving. In July of 2020, officers removed 310 impaired drivers from the road.

Tip 5: Watch Out for Wildlife

Though we may think it is silly that wildlife chooses busy highways to cross, roads unintentionally have become a part of animal’s travel corridor. It provides easy access to food and a source of salt in the Winter.

According to the Government of Alberta, the majority of species are active at dawn and dusk. This is also when visibility is poor, and traffic volume is high. While driving, keep your eyes out for deer, moose, coyotes, elk, and other wild animals. Be mindful of wildlife crossing signage, and slow down when at curves and hills.


Before you head out onto the highway this summer, we want to remind you to slow down, take it easy, and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

Though we hope all Albertans have a safe road-tripping summer, we know that accidents do happen. If you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident, we highly suggest contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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