How A Free Consultation Helped An Alberta Woman Maximize The Minor Injury Cap to $10,000

If you’ve ever been in an automobile accident in Alberta, you probably called your insurance company, and they may have compensated you with a certain amount of money for your under the Minor Injury Cap.

Most people take the compensation right away, being told that is the maximum they are likely to receive for their injury and situation. But that isn’t quite the case.

Insurance companies are continually choosing profits over people, which means that they are not giving the full scope of information about what else you should be claiming to maximize your compensation.

As of January 1, 2021 the Minor injury cap maximum is $5,365 for soft tissue injuries. Unfortunately, many injured victims are being told by their insurance adjuster that all soft tissue injuries are capped, and there is nothing else they can do for their claim.

This isn’t true as there are ways outside of pain and suffering that you should be compensated for.

That is exactly how we helped an Alberta woman receive an additional $5100 for her minor injury claim, bringing her injury compensation to $10,000. It is also why I always recommend that you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for advice before accepting anything from the insurance companies.

Let us share more details on this situation.

A woman called our team at McGuiness Law for a free consultation. She explained her situation to me and said that the insurance company offered her only $4900 for her minor injury claim based on her accident, injuries, and recovery.


While speaking, I asked if her insurance company had considered anything outside of her pain and suffering. She said no.

I wasn’t surprised, as insurance companies often “leave out” these items intentionally.

I then advised this client to begin tracking the following items, which she would be able to add to her claim:

  • Mileage/Gas driving to and from appointments for her physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage therapist, and doctor’s office. You’d be surprised how quickly this adds up. If you are taking a taxi or Uber for any of these appointments because you cannot drive, keep those receipts.
  • Any out-of-pocket expenses that are a result of your injury (Advil, ice packet, crutches, pillow, prescriptions).
  • Food Ordered In (due to being unable to cook or being too busy to cook since she was attending so many appointments).
  • Cleaning expenses (she could not clean her house and had to hire a cleaning company. She had to also rely on a friend/spouse/partner to help with the housework).
  • Loss of wages (having to take time off of work).
  • And more!

Her insurance company did not consider the above, yet these are all extra expenses that she now had to deal with. And let me tell you that these expenses can quickly add up!

Although I did not take this individual on as a client, she did utilize the information from our free consultation to maximize her cap to $10,000.

That’s an extra $5100 than what she was initially offered from the insurance company.

First, I am so proud of this individual for listening to her gut, as she knew her compensation should have been greater. I’m even happier that she had the courage to reach out and ask for advice from a lawyer.


Our goal at McGuiness Law is to help Albertans feel empowered and educated on their rights to ensure they get compensated for what they deserve. To book your FREE CONSULTATION with our team today, call 780-900-7941.