Can I Afford a Personal Injury Lawyer in Alberta?

The idea of hiring a personal lawyer can seem out of reach for many people, but not doing so may be more costly. Additionally, victims who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident may not realize the long-term effects of their injuries.

Insurance companies don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind when making decisions. Instead, their primary focus is what they can do to reach their bottom line. The more they compensate you for your injuries, the less they make. This often means that the first number they offer you is lower than it should be.

But how are you supposed to know what you are entitled to based on your injuries?

That is when it is crucial that you sit down with a personal injury lawyer. At McGuiness Law, we provide a free consultation where we try to gather as much information from you about the accident and your injuries. Based on this information, we can advise you if the compensation offered by the insurance company is acceptable.

Honesty and transparency are a part of our core values. If we believe that our fee will result in you receiving a lower settlement than what the insurance company is offering, we will not take on your case.

Tip: Not all law firms will do this, which is why it’s important to do your research before choosing a personal injury lawyer. 

How do out personal injury lawyers get compensated?

At McGuiness Law, we value our clients more than anything. If you choose to have us represent your claim, there are no up-front costs. By charging on a contingency basis, it allows us to incur all our expenses related to gathering the evidence needed until settlement.

This means that our lawyers only get paid if we reach settlement. Simply stated, we don’t get paid until you get compensated. Once we reach settlement, our pay is deducted from your final settlement amount, which comes from the insurance company, never directly from your bank account. If we don’t settle, then we don’t receive any payment for our services.

Our team has access to an extensive network of experts and healthcare practitioners who can help us solidify your claim. This includes doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and more! With these connections, we are able to negotiate with your best interests in mind to ensure you receive the best possible compensation for you.

In addition, with over ten years of experience representing clients who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle collisions. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge in: head, neck, brain, spinal cord, or other injuries. We ensure unexpected medical costs that you might not be aware of are covered.

So, can you afford a personal injury lawyer in Alberta?

Yes! In fact, you can’t afford not to hire one. Anyone can afford our services at McGuiness Law. There are no upfront costs, and our team is compensated once we have settled, and you have been paid too.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Alberta due to a motor vehicle accident, reach out to our team. We offer free consultations and will only take on your case if we know it will benefit you. Call (780) 900-7941 or visit McGuiness Law to book your free consultation.