Factors that Affect Slip & Fall Settlements in Alberta

Slip and fall accidents make up approximately 40% of all injuries in Canada, with Statistics Canada documenting as many as 1.7 million falls every year. Unfortunately, many slip and fall accidents result in serious injuries. In addition, loss of wages from missed work and increased medical expenses are common too.

Personal injury claims due to a slip and fall incident occur most frequently during the winter months. However, slip and falls can happen at any time, indoors and outdoors. When the accident resulted from a property owner’s neglect, compensation can often be pursued.

Several factors are considered when it comes to the dollar value of compensation, as multiple details are important and significantly impact the amount owed to the plaintiff. Some of these factors include:

  • How serious are the injuries?
    • The more severe and visible the physical damage, the greater the compensation tends to be. Mental trauma can also be compensated but must be proven.
  • What was your responsibility in the situation?
    • Was there signage that you ignored (such as a wet floor warning)? Then the onus cannot be entirely on the property owner. Tripping randomly in a hazard-free area is also not the property owner’s fault. In one example, a woman who tried to sue a school board in Medicine Hat after falling outside on the sidewalk lost the right to compensation when it was determined that the school had taken reasonable steps to make the icy sidewalk safe.
  • What kind of medical expenses are you facing?
    • Some slip and fall accidents result in short-term therapy sessions. Others may require surgery, causing you to become unable to perform your job or require long-term treatment. Current as well as future medical expenses, are taken into consideration.
  • What is your age?
    • Usually, the younger the individual, the higher the likelihood that they will heal more quickly. However, what can be a “simple” slip and fall for a young individual can cause very significant injuries in an elderly person. Hence, the age of the individual is taken into consideration as well.

Slip and fall cases generally take several months to several years to settle, and the average settlement amount in Canada ranges between $15,000 to $30,000. Hiring an effective personal injury lawyer can help shorten the time it takes to reach a settlement and ensure that you are compensated fairly.

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