Are you the Victim of Domestic Violence in Alberta? You may be Entitled to Compensation.

Domestic abuse is one of the most under-reported crimes in Alberta, and it is the province the third highest rate of intimate partner violence in Canada. If you managed to get out of an abusive relationship, you and your children could be entitled to benefits and compensation through many different programs in Alberta.

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In Alberta, adults and children that are victims of domestic violence may be entitled to compensation under The Victims of Crime Act and Regulations [The Act]. This legislation can be difficult to understand and the application process can be retraumatizing.


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Here are some important things to know about applying for compensation through the Alberta Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program:

1. You have to report the abuser to the police.
The Act requires the perpetrator of spousal or child abuse to be reported to the police before possible compensation is available.

2. A criminal record may exclude you from receiving benefits.
Depending on the nature, extent, and history of your criminal record, you may not be able to claim benefits under the Act.

3. There must be evidence of your injuries.
Visits to the hospital, your doctor, or your psychologist may be used as evidence to prove that you were injured by the assaults.

4. There is a time limit to apply.
There are certain time restrictions on applying for benefits under the Act. Usually it is two years for adult victims of crime and until the age of 28 for child victims of crime.

5. Applications are often rejected.
There are many reasons an application might be rejected and the appeal process can be daunting and retraumatizing.

6. McGuiness Law can do your application for you.
The lawyers at McGuiness Law have experience working with survivors of crime and will work hard get you compensation if you are entitled to it. They will treat you with
respect and consideration while you focus on other things.

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If you want to know more about the Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program and how we can help you apply, contact the fiercely compassionate lawyers at McGuiness Law for a free consultation.